Experiencing Wonder

The First Time: I was two years old. It was my virgin voyage on an airplane, flying from New York City to Puerto Rico (which is where my parents are from, and where I lived from ages 11-15).

Granted, two years old is pretty early to have a memory; I was barely verbal. But it was so thrilling and terrifying – both; it must have registered for that reason. Most likely I was on my mother’s or father’s lap, looking out the airplane window once we’d “achieved altitude” and I could see the clouds surrounding us as well as below us. I knew there was something unusual about this picture. Had the plane taken us to “Upside Down World”?? Up until then, clouds had always been in the sky above me. I’m sure my young, barely verbal brain had many questions. I imagine I bombarded my parents with “Why?” until we landed.

A Recent Experience: in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico last week. A coastal town that relies exclusively on tourism to feed, clothe and house its year-round residents. Only a year ago it was devastated by Hurricane Odile. I’d seen the news footage: flooded streets, palm trees lain flat, structures with glass windows blown out and roofs ripped off. In less than a year, the industriousness of its people (and lots of cash, no doubt) had brought the place back to its former partying self.

When the attention, intention and action are in alignment, it’s pretty amazing what can be accomplished.

Wow: Where are the wows in your life? In the sky? On a beach? In a child’s effortless authenticity? In an elder’s wisdom? In the moment of connection? Look for the wow, allow it to catch your breath, let in the good. Why not? We could all use a dose of that these days.

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