If you don’t particularly like to read, or you want something to listen to while you’re driving, knitting, working out, washing the dishes, or…

If you’re not at all into multi-tasking and simply want to sit and listen to some wisdom, humor, insights, helpful hints, about living and loving your life after loss, then welcome to my podcast!


It’s weekly (new episodes are published on Monday mornings). It’s about 30 minutes, give or take. You’ll hear my soothing, comforting voice, or me in conversation with others who have weathered personal loss and/or have become experts themselves on the topic. 

Loss and grief is hard. There’s no getting around that. But it does not have to be hard forever. There is life after loss, and it can be sweet and good, even beautiful. Give the podcast a try and see for yourself.

Episodes can be found here: Beauty In The Breakdown.