A Riot Of Color

This post is dedicated to my mother, Carmen, whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


Since my son’s suicide in June of 2010, writing has been an amazing healing practice for me. It allows me to remember, to understand and to share.

Another, more recent, healing practice has been a return to photography (I did quite a bit of it in my 20s, before the digital era). Photography encourages me to look, to see and to pay attention in ways I might not otherwise. It keeps me present and reminds me that no matter what my state of mind or heart, there is always something beautiful to behold.

Writing took me IN. Photography brought me OUT. The writing explored the dark places. The photography made me see the light, literally and figuratively.

Here are some recent photos with an emphasis on COLOR!


My friend Alex has folded 965 of these origami cranes so far. The dedication of this intricate and repetitive practice boggles my mind. She’s aiming for 1,000. Only 35 to go. Go Alex!

My friend Alex has made 965 of them so far. They hang in her closet on several hangers. I'm not sure what happens when she reaches 1,000, but I imagine at least a great sense of satisfaction. Go Alex!

I was in a little New-Age-y shop in Old Sacramento where I found this shelf of sparkly little boxes. I was reminded of the song “Little Boxes,” about the suburban blight of rows and rows of houses that all look the same. Here’s a link to the YouTube video of this song, which was the theme for the show “Weeds.” YouTube: “Little Boxes”  Obviously, these little boxes are nothing like that!

Tiny Boxes

This is my dining room table. It is an incredible work of art and craftsmanship by the folks from “Sticks” based in Idaho. Look them up. It’s worth it. I was hoping to leave this table to my son (not just yet, of course; I’ve got a few more miles in me). Now I’m thinking a non-profit organization might appreciate it. Any suggestions?

My dining room table.

This surprising burst of color was just around the corner in my very own neighborhood. I don’t know who’s responsible for the gardening in the “common areas” of our small development, but nicely done!

A surprising burst of color just around the corner

Hanging from my rear view mirror is a colorful lei. For me, it is a symbol of diversity. It was a party keepsake from a dear friend’s 50th birthday party. The theme was Hawaiian. It’s a little joyful visual that accompanies me in my car wherever I go.


Walking through downtown Benicia California, someone’s yard had a beautiful floral garden with a little bird bath. I believe this particular bird is a permanent visitor.


I love it when florists display their gems in the light of day. This photo was taken in Piedmont (near Oakland) California.

I love it when florists display their gems in the light of day.

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