Last night I dreamt I met J-Lo
She was in a bodega
Disguised as a normal person
Buying some water

I walked up to her and whispered,
"Hello, Ms. Lopez"
She giggled and told me to "shush"
She didn't want her identity revealed

I was cool with that.

We stepped outside
Into the city's muggy air
Our hair instantly frizzed

There was no entourage
Or black Escalade
With darkened windows

We took a stroll
Through one of those New York City parks
She drank her water

We talked about being "Nuyorican"
I took her hand. 
She let me.

In a matter of minutes
We knew all there was
To know about each other

She taught me a dance move
I wrote her this poem
We shared a long kiss

She tasted of sweet coconut
And swayed with me 
Like a flamboyán.

Here's the thing, baby:
I don't need or cling to
A life of bling,
Of big crowds, 
Of Let's Get Loud 
I don't lust for 
Jenny From The Block's
Very fine ass,
Your body is hot
It knows how to 
Love me and leave me
On The Floor 
Wanting more,
Her millions make me nervous
That girl's high maintenance!
While you and I 
Have a No-Diva Zone.
And yeah, she's got moves
But yours make me swoon,
She seems a bit fickle
If [She] Had My Love
Would she treat it with care?
While with you, my dear,
I know the answer; 
I feel no fear 
So, come to think of it
I want a non-fiction life
With a flesh & blood woman
And when all is said and done,
You ARE my J-Lo.
You are my one.  

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