This is what life does
in the middle of 
a global pandemic:
It places Temptation
right smack dab in my path.

Our eyes meet on Zoom. 
And only days later, 
we unmask our faces
for a safe-distanced chat.
There's no danger in that!

Laughter is shared,
vulnerability dared;
and although we are wary, 
it begins to feel like 
we might be a good pair? 

This is what dating is
in a global pandemic:
a series of walks 
through semi-shut-down towns,
barely anyone around,

A chance conversation 
with an artist in her studio,
recalling a past when
those who were single
freely wandered and mingled.

We talk about families,
ex-lovers too,
and although the latter 
feels tender, more raw, 
it’s something we're willing to do.

This is what a
"night out at the movies” 
looks like in a global pandemic:
I share my Zoom screen.
She’s watching too, but unseen. 

The yearning to touch
is definitely there, 
but how? When does one dare
make skin-to-skin contact
in a global pandemic?

In the "before times,” 
I'd lean in, touch her hand,
link my arm into hers,
we'd hug warmly for “hi!" 
and again for "good-bye."

Body talk, facial cues
are socially distanced,
beyond arm’s length and masked. 
I’m too nervous to ask 
if she's feeling it too. 

Do I dare to declare  
what is floating unsaid
between us? What if, 
for her, there is nothing?
Am I willing to risk? 

It takes guts and some faith
(Covid’s currencies of late)
to dive into romance. 
It’s a different dance 
in these times of the global pandemic.

[Copyright 2021 - Celenia Delsol]

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