Podcast: The “Stages” Of Grief

Season 2 of “Beauty In The Breakdown: Living & Loving Life After Loss” is ready with Episode 15, The “Stages” of Grief.” 

Grief does not have “stages.” It is not experienced in neat, predictable linear steps. You are not “done” with grief once you’ve checked off each step.

There are, however, a multitude of aspects of grief. If your experience of the aspects of grief feels messy and unpredictable, then rest assured you are having a very normal grief experience and you are not alone.

Grief is something that stays with us. We learn to carry it differently than we did when our loss first occurred, but we are never “done” with grief.

In this episode I share some of my own personal experiences with the aspects of grief.


  1. Celenia… it has been almost a year and I am just now able to listen to words addressing grief. I haven’t been able to read various books that have been given to me. I have to turn off movies and shows the push my buttons. This grief is intense and overwhelming! Your words are validating. I am not surprised. You have always had the empathy and depth and insight that captures what most struggle to express. Thank you! I’ll try to call you in the coming week, if I can. Still pretty much isolating to lick my grieving wounds but I feel baby steps of progress. Thank you my special amazing friend!


    1. Lindy, it is good to hear from you here. I look forward to connecting. It IS a “baby steps” process, so you’re doing just fine. I’m sure the whole Covid-19 situation doesn’t help. Hang in there, my dear. I’m here for you when you’re ready to reach out.


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