Giving Thanks

Thank you to the Warrior Women,

The mothers, daughters, sisters, wives,

The Suffragettes and Women’s Libbers

Who marched and died,

The noisy ones, the angry ones,

The silent, invisible, but powerful ones,

The ones who vote,

The ones on the ballot.


All the women – not just mothers –

Who raise the children, tend the sick,

The women who dream and

Support others in theirs,

The women who are gentle

And persuade with love,

The women who are bold

And refuse to accept “no”,

The women who risk

Their very lives

As the greedy gender

Gives us no choice.


I am grateful today

To be a woman,

To come from women,

To pave a way for those

Who are our tomorrow;

A multi-generational

Ladder of ladies,

Standing on the shoulders

Of those who came before,

Ready to bear the weight

Of bright, young firebrands,

Energized, persistent, resistant,

Unwilling to settle for less

Than every woman’s worth.


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