Now What?

We (the Democrats) got the House back. We flipped several governorships. We elected a record number of women to public office. The turnout was historic. It wasn’t the blue tsunami I was hoping for, but there was definitely some great surf.

Republicans also claimed victory.  They increased their majority in the Senate; they won a few governorships themselves (although some are still in question – you know, that voter suppression stuff that’s not happening).

The morning after the election, the man who calls himself president gave an almost 90-minute gobbledygook press conference in which he attacked members of the press and applauded himself for his “popularity.”

Democracy is not yet safe. We are not out of the woods. Not by a long shot. We have control of one-half of one of the three branches of government. It’s better than nothing, but it’s hardly a check on this administration.

The Mueller investigation is in new jeopardy as a result of the “resignation” of the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and the appointment of a Trump zealot to oversee the investigation. I can’t believe America is stupid enough to fall for this travesty, or that America doesn’t care enough, although there is little that surprises me about “America” these days. I expected the administration to act ASAP to cover Trump’s ass. I just didn’t think it would happen the next day. The ink isn’t even dry on the certification of election results across the country.

January, when our newly elected public servants are inaugurated, cannot come soon enough. However, will any real legislating get done, or will our government, so bitterly partisan and divided, be too busy fighting with itself?

None of this is normal. None of it. Be vigilant, America. We had a relatively good night, but we cannot claim victory. Not yet.

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