This Is Not That Time

There is a time to wave the white flag,

Because conflict is exhausting,

And battling reality can be a fool’s errand,

But this is not that time.

There is a time to turn the other cheek,

Because escalation leads to violence,

And the body count is high enough, thank you,

But this is not that time.

There is a time for diplomacy,

Because this is how civilizations grow;

Besides, rebellions and revolutions are messy,

But this is not that time.

There is a time to look to our leaders,

Because they are able to grasp the complexities,

And this is why we entrust them with positions of power,

But this is not that time.

There is a time to concede that this is our new normal,

Because shit happens and things change,

And time marches on.

But this, my fellow citizens, is simply not that time.


    1. Thank you Cynthia. This poem has a little more structure, which I enjoyed shaping. Your feedback continues to inspire me to tackling what I want to say via poetry. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that.


  1. Celenia, you so beautifully, artfully echo the devastation of millions! I find myself having gratitude that ones beloved to me no longer walk this earth to suffer the pain, the anger the incredulousness of our “new normal!” May it collapse ASAP!


    1. Oh Myrna, it’s so wonderful to hear from you after our reunion in April. What a nice surprise! I’m glad this poem speaks to you and I share your belief that you and I are not alone in our aversion to this “new normal.”


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