I Would Have Liked

I would have liked…

to know your 28-year old self,

to give you a hard time about not blessing me with grandhildren

(or blessing me with them before it was prudent),

to argue the fine points of the government shutdown

(or anything else political),

to challenge you to a game of “What Do I Hate About This President The Most?”,

to view the Bay Area from Mt. Diablo with you again,

to have you explain Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat,

and all the new technology that defies my grasp,

to introduce me to your latest musical finds,

to observe you loving up a dog of your own,

to delight in your romances and watch one stick,

to see you finally grow a real beard,

to witness your evolution as a writer,

to watch you mature into the adult version of you

(steadier, happier, less anxious, not as self-loathing),

to know that you’d survived The Troubles,

to pat myself on the back for a human well-launched.


Happy 28th Birthday, Julian. I would have liked to celebrate it with you.



  1. Happy birthday Mom. So hard these years past our boys. March 26 will be my Josh’s 28th. Can only hope that somehow all is well, but the absence is so big on some days. Thinking of you.

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  2. Wow, Celenia, so glad I got your contact info from Leslie, which led me to your website. Keep pouring your heart onto the page. I am sharing this poem with a friend who lost her son almost two years ago. Yesterday was his birthday.

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