Fades To Black

Author’s Note: A wise person once said, “If it doesn’t hurt, it wasn’t love.”


At first I thought

you lied. Betrayal!

And then I saw


confusion reigned,

and you chose her,

your shorthand for:


“Goodbye my darling;

‘can’t be bothered



Please do not try

to ease the twist

of knife in back.


Please do not utter

“Love you always!”

I can’t accept.


It’s quiet now

and spacious where

our love once breathed.


Broken apart.

I’m not a part

of you. So weird!


I won’t deny

the gifts received,

the growth achieved.


I’ll hold these dear

through my next lives,

when I will be


your baby sis’,

mentor or wife,

or best buddy.


Unsettled heart,

unspoken words

are utter fact.


For now we are

complete. The End.

Love fades to black.

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