Have you ever noticed how everything has been reduced to a list? 5 Reasons To Give Up Gluten. 10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life. Umpteen Thousand Things To Do Before Christmas.

Here’s what I hate about lists:

1. They’re never complete; there’s always the ability to add one more thing.

2. They fool you into thinking that’s all there is to it.

3. They think they’re so smart, summing things up, reducing a project, or an issue or even life to just a few items.

4. They get lost or misplaced or left in the car when you need them.

5. They’re only fun when you’ve crossed everything off of them.

6. They give us the false sense of security, as if we are really in control.

7. They will never be as funny as David Letterman’s Top 10 Anythings.

8. People will rarely agree about what should be on it.

9. The time it takes you to make the list, you could have crossed off #1 through #3.

10. If it’s not in a list format on the internet, chances are no one’s going to read it.

Here’s a list that’s worth posting and reading and reading again and again:


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