With Apologies & Thanks To The Beatles

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: After the initial madness of losing my son to suicide had settled down to a quiet roar, I was drawn to mindfulness meditation. I’ll probably say more about this in future posts, but I mention it now because my experience with mindfulness – which has become a regular practice – contributed greatly to this prayer. I actually wrote it when a close friend was struggling with big changes in her life, but I soon realized the person I was really writing it for was me.]

When I find myself in times of trouble,
I will remember that…
My life is a boomerang. What I launch into the world comes back to me. So first and foremost, I will be kind.
I will remember to…
Choose an attitude of gratitude. When I focus on the blessings in my life, my mind tunes in to a positive vibration, attracting more blessings.
I will remember that…
My words are my ambassadors, representing my thoughts, feelings and intentions. Especially in times of conflict, I will pause, breathe and speak mindfully. It takes 100 times more effort to undo my words’ harm, than it does to speak consciously and with awareness from the start.
I will remember to…
Practice gracious listening: to be truly present for another human being, without judgment. I will resist the urge to formulate my response while another is speaking.
I will remember that…
Change is a process; it happens one step at a time. No matter how uncomfortable or challenging, each step comes and then goes. Remembering this will help me to feel less overwhelmed when I am contemplating, or already in the midst of change. Life happens. Some of it’s awesome; some of it’s not. All of it is temporary.
I will remember that…
In giving forgiveness, I am the one who is healed. When I fail to forgive, I am harmed yet again by my anger, fear, resentment, and – in the case of forgiving myself – guilt. Once I make a choice to forgive, my mind, heart and soul are open for healing and love.
I will remember that…
Self-care is not selfish. When I don’t fill my own vessel, I give from an empty place. When I give from an empty place, I don’t give of my best self. True acts of self-care involve nurturing the body, heart and soul with activities that bring sustained joy.
I will remember to…
Connect with joy. Happiness is transient when I look to external objects and circumstances, or to other people to “make” me happy. I will be present to each moment and take pleasure in the simple things.
I will remember that…
Breathing is one of the simple things. I will be still, I will rest and recharge, I will disconnect from the “virtual world” and other distractions so that I am not thrown off balance. I will go into nature, where I can do this with greater ease.
I will remember that…
I can achieve Grace. It is difficult to be in the moment when I am expecting a specific outcome. When I allow life to unfold, and trust that everything is occurring in perfect timing, I will flow from a place of Grace.

Speaking words of wisdom, Let It Be.


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