How did we become the nation that:

  • Pulls babies and toddlers from their parents’ arms and puts them in cages;
  • Elects, appoints, and accepts sexual predators in positions of power;
  • Attacks the media as the enemy of the people;
  • Doesn’t blink when the president lies every single freaking day;
  • Isn’t horrified by our government’s willingness to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the illegal and dangerous actions of Russia and their blatant meddling in OUR elections;
  • Isn’t dumbstruck by a president whose role models are the despots and dictators of the world (North Korea, Syria, Turkey, Russia…);
  • Can tolerate the suggestion that white supremacists and neo-Nazis are “very fine people;”
  • Accepts the couldn’t-be-more-obvious gerrymandering of voting districts that put minority rights and representation at risk, not to mention flat-out, blatant voter suppression;
  • Treats grown women like incompetent and incapable children, or worse: property;
  • Tolerates law enforcement personnel UNLAWFULLY killing our black and brown boys and men with impunity and with zero accountability;
  • Turns legitimate refugees and immigrants from our borders, with an air of superiority, even though every single one of us is a descendant of immigrants (unless, of course, your lineage is Native American);
  • Denies that climate change and global warming is man-made, and then, on top of the refusal to accept the facts and the science, eviscerates regulations that were hard-won and were put in place to protect the environment for everyone;
  • Doesn’t want everyone who needs it to have access to affordable health care;
  • Refers to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare as “entitlements” as if working men and women didn’t pay into those systems their whole working lives to ensure a modicum of financial security in their old age and/or disability;
  • Is the laughing stock of the world, a world that used to look up to us as the role model for democratic norms?

The truth is I no longer care how it happened. I just want it undone.

If you are eligible to vote, DO IT.

Now more than ever, exercise that right.

Even, or perhaps especially, if you never have before. 

Make America Sane/Smart/&Kind Again. 

We have 2 days. Tick. Tock.

Enough already. 


Blue wave. Pink wave. I don’t care. But I expect the surf to be UP on November 6th. 






  1. Well put, Celenia. ! I’m hopeful yet very uneasy. After what happened in 2016, it’s hard not to be worried about many aspects of this election. HOWEVER: We will never give up fighting for the opposite of every single one of your points in this blog. Thanks for your writing.

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      1. The hard swing to the right, the horrific treatment of “the other”, and complete lack of compassion and/or mercy seems to be a pervading poison all around the world. It’s terrifying and enraging. I think we all need prayer….everywhere, every single day. Keep the faith my friend, and keep speaking out.

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