On World Suicide Prevention Day, thoughts from a family member…

Wisdom from another s.o.s. (Survivor of Suicide)…

Side by Side


On World Suicide Prevention Day, let me start with the good news: suicide is preventable. That exact thought, however, haunts a family that has lost a loved one to suicide. The regrets are undeniable. There is a plethora of what-ifs and should-haves that nag at you from within; the guilt is unbearable. Looking back, we see so much that could’ve been done. Perhaps a deeper conversation here, a tighter hug there, more dinners together, less television, and a lot more “how are you”s followed by “no, really, how are you”s; any or all of the above would’ve made a difference. In hindsight, you might even be able to pick the exact day, the exact hour, the minute, the second, where if you had looked a little harder, spoken a different word, been a different person, well, you just might have changed it all. Looking back, the signs are so…

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